Bash Upgrade App for OS X

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I came up with a GUI interface within an hour and a half if you don’t want to mess with the command line. XCode and Command Line tools are required to compile the new version, but you can easily access the functions of the script without fishing though the terminal.

This application will upgrade Bash to 3.2.54(1)

Note: This only works on Snow Leopard or later. Gatekeeper must be disabled in order to run this app.

Update: 1.0.1 adds Sparkle Updater functionality, considering that there may be future patches for Bash since the fix is still incomplete.

Update 2: Apple’s update is still vulnerable by one of the bugs and two new shellshock related bugs has been discovered. To be fully protected, you should continue to compile your own using this app until Apple releases a final bash update.

The changelog is here since this front end will keep updating as new developments happen.

Download | Source Code

Automated Script to Patch Bash on OS X

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If you are not aware, there is a critical bug in Bash that causes an attacker to craft an attack using environment variables. While a partial patch has been released on Linux, Apple has yet to release a patch. However, there is a fix for it and I came up with a script to automate the process.

This will work on Mavericks. Mountain Lion might work with this patch. Do not run on Yosemite Beta since it uses a newer version. usage:

  • -c : checks if your version of bash is vulnerable by the bug.
  • -i : compiles and install patch.

Note: You must install XCode and Command Line Tools before executing this script. This script also has to be run as root.

When Apple releases an official patch, please install that and verify.

Note: The script has been upgraded to patch CVE-2014-7169 with additional checks.

Update: Fix will work in Leopard (as long XCode 3.1.2 is installed), meaning it will work in Snow Leopard and Lion as well.


OS X 10.9 OS X 10.9


OS X 10.9-1

Mac OS X Server 10.5

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Thoughts on Sommers’s video on Sexism in Gaming

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You can see the video here

Just yesterday, Christina Hoff Sommers have pretty much disprove the points made by a certain video series and opponents of video games that has been thrown around for several weeks now. While I knew that most of the core gaming audience who plays more than 20 hours a week in a ratio of boys to girls is 7 to 1. Of course, male gamers tend to play games that are competitive in nature such as violent or action pack video games while females tend to play other games such as simulation, puzzle games and social games. That is to say, everyone is free to play any type of games regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. I admit that I don’t play games that most male gamers play like violent first person shooting games. I tend to enjoy Japanese games (mostly role playing games), racing/driving, simulation, music types of games.

I think the important point she makes out of this video is that the moral panic of video game causing sexism is not true for many reasons. There is a study that clearly proves that video games scare was about nothing since video games does not cause violent behavior. In other words, the same should be true for this moral panic as gamers tend to be more diverse and accepting of people with different backgrounds. Even so, does this mean that there is sexism in video games. I already shared my thoughts on that issue on my main blog, but some tropes like Damsels in Distress is just lazy story writing and I do agree that creators should strive to make a more interesting and engaging story.

Lastly, while I will not take a side on the debate since I would rather not get involved, it’s not all right to bully/harass people or censor people just because you don’t agree with them. Sure, you should call out abusive behavior, but I believe that everyone should have the right to voice their opinion as long its done rational and civil manner (meaning no berating people or a group of people). Phil Mason (thunderf00t) makes a good point about that in his video responding to his account being blocked on Twitter.


Shiori’s Diary gets a domain name

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Artist: 明見裕子

Artist: 明見裕子

Since NameCheap has a promotion for college students to get a free or reduced price domain name, I decide to take advantage of it. Now, should automatically redirect to This domain will be autorenewed like the main one, although it will cost a bit more, but I should be able to afford it by the end of next year.


Weighing in on the Turmoil in the Gaming Community

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For two weeks, things has finally erupted in the gaming world over the integrity of Gaming Journalism and the Zoe Quinn scandal. While I don’t have much to say as I don’t want to talk about it, I do agree with TotalBiscuit’s recent post taking a rational approach about what happened during the last two week. I suggest everyone to take a listen.


Wirecast and

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Since decided to change their rules, which caused a lot of controversy, people are wondering how do you stream to with a Mac. There is a program called Wirecast, but you need to change some settings to make it work. Here are the screenshots of how the settings should be like.

Address should be: rtmp://

Stream is your stream key

Output Settings


Preset is this (you need to create a custom one):

Encoder Presets

Wootumblog No More

Now figured out how to enable post formats. I still need to make some changes so that WordPress can view all the images even if its not in the post from the old system. Also, need to make it look better as well. Stay tuned.


Playstation Vita Slim First Impressions and Comparison

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Yep, my little sister has gone to the dark side.

Yep, my little sister has gone to the dark side.

Just last week, the Playstation Vita Slim has finally landed last week as a bundle. While my sister hasn’t preordered it, she managed to find one because she wanted to play some Japanese RPGs (she wanted to play Danganronpa 1 and 2, Persona 4 Golden and plan on getting Hearts R in English later). Since I own a Vita already, I may as well compare it to my old version.

Note that this is not a full impression post since I already shared my thoughts about the Vita previously.
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